Wednesday, September 21, 2011


What' s an analog bastard?

One who love sound, vinyls, fat beats, old hardware, Hip Hop... just a miserable sub culture like Skeme' s mom used to say in Style Warz.

Deep into it since 1987 because of Graffity and copies of Run DMC and LL Cool J dusty tapes, it' s in a Paris which was fucked up with graffity tags that SHAR did his training, first of all in the subway and then behind a microphone with his homeboys of ADK CREW.

In the late 90' s, he decided to dedicate himself to Beatmaking and the art of doing music with old hardware machines.

His love for vinyl records bring him to travel literally as figuratively, to make meaningful human encounters and develop his love for a variety of musical genres which inspire him in the way that he does his beats.

Listen to him ...


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steeveL said...

I love what this dude do with the SP!! Real boom bap shit period!!