Friday, July 1, 2011

LDBK Compilation - All School Flavor Vol. 1

Since 2002, Laid Back connects creative minds from all over the world to help develop their art and get the word out. In every project we involve our audience by documenting every step of the process and generate interaction. For this compilation, we broadened our collaborative spirit even further and asked our community to make this project their own by funding it. The CD you are holding is the result of our supporters joining forces to make this happen. It was Pierre de Schaetzen who came up with the concept end of 2010 and we launched it early 2011 when Oli-B brilliantly reworked the Laid Back logo for the cover. Over 25 musicians and producers (from 9 different countries) immediately jumped on board and shared their latest tracks with us. Each of them has a long history with Laid Back. Growing side by side over the years, we're proud to hear how they raised the bar for what will be remembered as an important milestone in Laid Back's evolution.

We hope you enjoyed this journey and the music we compiled for your listening pleasure.

Stay Tuned,

Pierre de Schaetzen, LDBK compilation project manager
Julien Mourlon, Laid Back founder

LDBK compilation by LaidBack

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