Thursday, June 30, 2011


In most schools at some point children are assigned to write the obligatory essay based conceptually on which career path they will be taking once they reach adulthood. For the last 5 years Atilla has been formulating those words with the tedious patience and focus of a final exam. His submission comes in the form of his debut album, Strata: Type 1. Covering the various dynamics in the life of a young man, Strata is one part care free college student, with one part containing the "take on the world" ambition that sets the producer/emcee apart from his peers. The maturation process of the Kansas City native is evident as he explores both his journey and destination. If you're wondering what you want to be in life,Strata may be that piece of the proverbial handbook you've been missing.

Check it out ... Great Hip Hop!

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